People always ask if there's a back story to these, and there is.

When I was in my 20s I had a serious eye disease, chronic uveitis, that started to cause macular degeneration. The macula is the little dot of superfine vision right in the center of your eye that allows you to read books or street signs, recognize people in a crowd, and so on, so I couldn't do either. Glasses don't help; it's like having a little spot of frosted glass wherever you look. 

I went to lots of specialists but it kept getting worse.  Finally, a friend put me in touch with Dr. Charles Schepens, a legendary eye doctor in Boston (who had escaped the Nazis) and over the next two  years, he cured me. My left eye cleared up almost completely, but my right eye had sustained longterm damage.  So I am pretty much fine — but things that require too much scrutiny make my eyes and head hurt.  That means that things that don't demand any scrutiny are a little moment of  blissful relief, like taking off tight shoes or a stuffy coat — so I love blurry images. By asking so little of me, they give so much.

So I was taking and making and collecting these blurs on my phone because I found them so soothing. Then one day I thought oh maybe I should put them on Instagram and maybe other people will like them too. They're also not just for people with bad vision; they're good for anyone who feels too bombarded by images and information. The messiest room, the grayest concrete, the ugliest building can all look beautiful blurred — that is how I see it.  I might not have anything to add here, but  I do have something to subtract.