Non Verbis Sed Rebus

 If I had to describe the bulk of this work in the most purely physical sense -- say, in court -- I would
say that what I mostly do is look for and obtain a variety of things — things I like for a variety of reasons —  
and arrange them on the wall the way someone might arrange them on the table. (More precisely, I
actually glue magnets onto the back of all of them, then stick them onto a sheet of steel that has been
fastened to the wall and covered by a piece of fabric).  

But the list of more descriptive verbs which approximate this process to me -- aside from
obvious terms like creating and art-making --  is long and varied. Searching. Collecting. Hoarding.
Shopping. Curating. Copying. Styling. Stealing. Perusing. Mirroring. Ordering.  Splintering.  Framing.
Installing. Diagramming. Planning. Learning. Organizing. Arranging. Rearranging. Recycling.
Tweaking. Tinkering. Building. Recreating.  Browsing. Collaging. Decorating. Reconciling. Justifying.
Gluing. Yearning. Dreaming. Meditating. Mourning.  Fantasizing. Procrasturbating. Crafting. Editing.
Obsessing. Queening. Zhuzhing (sp?) 

Likewise, while the still-life products of this effort do answer to familiar nouns like artwork and
creation, they also function to me like many others. Masks. Mirrors. Moodboards.
Magazines. Magpie Nests. Matrices. Tombstones. Beds. Windows. Displays. Yard sales.
Living Rooms. Lots. Entries. Entrees. Evidence. Pile-ups. Posters. Playboys. Questions.
Answers. Histories. Fictions. Carapaces. Cabins. Collections. Collisions. Inventories.
Inventions. Inversions. Swimming Pools. Movie Stars. 

These approximations are freeing but necessary, because to me the exact words don't exist.
I call the process cultiplication -- because as a person or an artist, I am obligated by nature,
by my nature, to cultivate and multiply, to cultiply and multivat, to cultiplicate.  To create my own
native habitat, a portable symbolic environment inside of which I can live and grow. A matrix which
I create and which in turn creates me.  Seeds in search of soil, flowers in search of a bed. 

-- D. C.